Basic Bible Study Method

When I worked at a Christian bookstore customers would ask me if there were any books on how to study the Bible. We usually had on or two in stock. I think I sold one or two the entire time I was there. Then I read some of those books. There was good information, but it never really taught anyone how to find the meaning of a verse. That is because it is hard to teach how to study the Bible with a book. Not only that I could not find any books that start with the very basics such as:

  • How to choose a study Bible.
  • What basic Bible study tools to use.
  • How to use Bible study tools to study.
  • How to use cross references and concordances.
  • How to use tools available online.

So I made this course to help people really learn how to study the Bible.You will learn a universal method of Bible study that will work anywhere. Not only that you will be confident that you know what the Bible teaches because you have discovered its meaning for yourself!

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Course Syllabus


Learn the Basic Bible Study Method a way to study the Bible for yourself. No need to by Bible Study guides or books, this method will teach you how to study the Bible with simple tools. Learn the seven steps that lead to a solid understanding of Scripture. You will learn how to use basic tools to understand the text. How to choose a Study Bible. How to use a concordance. How to study with keywords. How to write your own commentary and more. Everything you need to get started is included.


Included with the Basic Bible Study Method is a digital library containing many classic works of Christianity. These works were collected from different sources on the internet and compiled in this digital library for your convenience. These are able to be downloaded to any computer or tablet device that can read PDF's. Bible commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Classic works of Christianity, and more are included. To view the materials included sign up for the free course and review lesson 2.

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